Chelsea Days is an Indie/Alternative band from Oklahoma City. The band formed in 2019, where they began releasing singles leading up to the pandemic. In 2021, the band started recording their debut album on a Tascam-38 at their home studio (Average Ear). The band then began to collaborate with producer Jarod Evans of BlackWatch Studios in Norman, OK. The group continued work on the album at Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, TX.

The album, eponymously titled 'Chelsea Days' was finished and mixed back at BlackWatch. It was released June 17th, 2022.

The band quickly got to work on their follow up project, 'Falling in a Dream' – a 4 song EP that was recorded and mixed themselves on a Tascam-388. It was released November 25, 2022.

The following year, the band once again collaborated with Evans to finish their next project, 'sincerely,' – a 5 song EP released by French label Nice Guys. Since its release on June 23, 2023, the band has seen an increase in monthly listeners and playlist placements.

The founding members are Timothy Miller (vocals, rhythm guitar), Ashton Gary (vocals, drums, guitar), Autumn Hamil (bass, keys, guitar), and Ethan Wilcox (lead guitar). Other members include Brogan Lamb (keys), and Naseem Najib (percussion).

It Goes

Music video for 'It Goes'.

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Day To Day

Music video for 'Day To Day'.

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Oklahoma Gazette Album Review


Album Promo Video

A short film made by our friends Aldo Delara and Seaira Hull documenting various points of the debut album's production process. Filmed on multiple VHS cameras, Delara/Hull were able to visually capture the general vibe of the band.

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Live @ Ponyboy

A video showing the many aspects of what a Chelsea Days show consists of. The band has built up a lively following in the OKC area and this night was no different. It was the last time the band played before temporarily halting touring in order to focus on finishing their debut album.

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